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Rebecca’s in the Kitchen is a personal chef service that provides meals and cooking lessons with an emphasis on whole-foods nutrition. Rebecca helps busy families eat healthy and spend more time together, as well as nourish those suffering from illness or injury. This service is designed particularly for those who are taking on a new diet and would benefit from help navigating the change. Her focus is always on the positive – what you CAN eat, instead of what you can’t – and finding ways to make those foods into meals you are excited to eat every day.



In-Home Cooking

Ready to be pampered? Chef Rebecca does just that for her regular meal service clients who get to come home and relax, asking “what time would you like to eat?” instead of “what’s for dinner!?!”

Imagine: You leave for work (or better yet – a day hike in the mountains with your family!) and return to a fridge stocked with meals for the week, made with the foods you love. For the cost of what you’d pay to dine at a mid-priced restaurant, Rebecca will plan a menu tailored to your budget and dietary preferences, do the grocery shopping, and cook the meals – leaving you with food you feel good eating and your kitchen clean!

Nourish yourself and your family. Regain your health and vitality. Take control of your life. Invite Rebecca to be your personal chef today!

Ready to be pampered? Chef Rebecca does just that for her regular meal service clients who get to come home and relax, asking “what time would you like to eat?” instead of “what’s for dinner!?!”


5 entrees, 4 side dishes for two (10 Meals) $250*

5 entrees, 4 side dishes for four (20 Meals) $275*

5 entrees, 4 side dishes for six (30 Meals) $300*

*Groceries are excluded from the cost of service, giving you the flexibility to choose the food that best suits your budget and dietary preferences. 

Typically groceries run an additional $100 to $200 depending on number of portions and type of foods you desire. My service fee includes menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and packaging.

Washington State sales tax of 9.6% will also be added, as well as a one-time container fee of $20-85.

Do you have a personal chef? Wouldn’t you be happier if you did?  Plan for success at your next event. Instead of being in the kitchen, or worn out from a day of cooking, hiring a personal chef allows you the time and energy to focus on your special occasion.

Rebecca will also plan cooking parties – want to enjoy an evening with friends learning to make tamales? How about fermented foods like kimchi and sour kraut!? Have your own idea – contact Rebecca and come up with a plan to make it happen!

Pricing: Please inquire.

Be your own personal chef! With an easy-to-follow plan, you will be surprised at how easy it is to make nourishing whole-foods in your own kitchen. This is the easiest way to take control of your diet on a budget. Don’t know how to cook? Rebecca can run you through the basics – check out her class offerings below!

Included in the package: Menu Plan (tailored to your desired diet, taste preferences and budget -both time and $), Preparation Schedule and Recipes

Pricing: $35/weekly plan.

If you are feeling stressed or frustrated from the challenge of transitioning to a different diet, this package is the support you need to feel confident in your choices and look forward to your meals each day. Eliminating foods from your diet is a huge change. Reaching for a snack, cooking a simple meal, or even just grocery shopping can feel like an enormous task when you can no longer rely on your old habits and standbys.

What’s in the Package?

Grocery Store Tour
Meal Planning Lesson
Cooking Lesson

Pricing (for 2): $125 plus groceries. $25 for each additional person after first two. 

Option: Add on a discounted one-time meal service so you can taste how good your new diet can be! 5 entrees and 4 sides for two – $225. Add $12 for each additional person.

Take health into your own hands and learn the why and how of cooking with whole foods. Impress your friends and family. Get out of your old routines. Invite friends to join you for a fun afternoon!

Topics include: Gluten-Free, Paleo, Whole Foods, Fermented Vegetables (pickles, kraut, kimchi, etc), Sourdough (gluten free or glutinous!), Yogurt and Quick cheeses, as well as Kombucha.

Rebecca also teaches regular classes in the community – check out her upcoming events and workshops page for more information.

Pricing: $75 per hour of instruction. 

A well-stocked pantry and a clean, tidy kitchen will make eating healthy an easy and pleasant experience. Let Rebecca help you de-clutter and organize your space to simplify your life and pack your pantry with healthy whole foods that makes nutritious meals easy. 

Pricing: $25/hour.

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